Chair Yoga: Yoga For Any Body

Yoga isn’t about being the most flexible, or athletic, or strongest – it is about reserving a space in your day to put everything else aside and spend some time in your body. Participation in yoga is an incredibly rejuvenating and healing activity. It is not just for the young and active – it’s for everybody! Those who are aging, recovering from an injury, dealing with weight issues, or even those with no time away from work can all do yoga, too!

Chair yoga is a form of yoga for those who need a little extra assistance or support in the poses. It is just as effective and recuperative than yoga on a mat! Do you have your chair ready? Let’s go!

Who Can Benefit From Chair Yoga?


If you find yourself sitting and feel the need for some rejuvenation, try a few Chair Yoga poses. Fold forward and let your hands and head hang. Enjoy the stretch across your shoulders and back of your neck. Chair Yoga is especially helpful if you are:

Extremely Inflexible

  • Those with very tight hamstrings or inflexible spine might find yoga in a chair more chair yogacomfortable and supportive while they work on increasing flexibility.

Recovering From an Injury or Surgery

  • The pain of an injury may keep someone from performing the exercise they did previously. Doing Chair Yoga while recovering can maintain strength and flexibility until the person is able to get back to his or her regular exercise program.

Dealing With the Effects of Aging

  • Chair yoga helps keeps muscles stronger, joints flexible, minds alert and improves balance.

Managing Weight Issues

  • Chair yoga is an excellent way to ease back into an exercise routine and makes the poses more accessible and comfortable.

Working With a Chronic Illness

  • Extended illnesses can rob one’s energy. Gentle exercise helps invigorate the body and build stamina while still allowing the body to heal.

Struggling To Get Away from Work

  • Strapped for time and can’t get away from your desk? Stay in your chair, do a few postures and you’ll be re-energized for your next project.

Sample Chair Yoga Poses

Side Twists

Side twists are beneficial for spine flexibility and mobility. Also great for massaging and increasing the blood flow to the organs.

side twists yoga

Downward-Facing Dog

Adho Mukha Svanasana is wonderful for strengthening the arms and shoulders, aligning the spine and improving mobility in the hips.

downward facing dog yoga

Warrior One

Virabhadrasana I is perfect for building strength in the legs and shoulders, mobility in the hips and alignment of the spine.

warrior yoga

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